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We all know that silicon carbide is often essential for ferroalloy additives on casting, hot metal he can effectively improve flow performance, the effect of casting, greatly increasing, at the same time can also play a role, prompt production of eutectic pellets, anyhow silicon carbide is frequently used in smelting casting material, since silicon carbide for casting is very important so the development of a foundry casting silicon carbide is very logical, so the research and development production for casting of silicon carbide silicon carbide manufacturer for casting tool has specificity, but many of the foundries in use are not particularly understand when casting of silicon carbide,So you often ask silicon carbidemanufacturers how to cast silicon carbide?
We consulted the professional manufacturer of silicon carbide henan star metallurgical teacher told us that the first casting silicon carbide is divided into 70 90 # 88 # # silicon carbide, silicon carbide, silicon carbide, different types of silicon carbide containing SiC is not the same, should choose the right according to the production casting casting silicon carbide products, when casting molten iron temperature below 1620 ℃, put in the casting of silicon carbide carbon can play a good deoxygenation, but when the molten iron temperature reaches above 1620 ℃ can be completely dissolved in hot metal play a good solid effect, and the recovery rate is as high as 100%, at 2700 degrees,The dissolved state of silicon carbide is decomposed and diffused slowly, so the time of adding silicon carbide in casting should be earlier. Generally, it is most ideal to add silicon carbide in casting when the burden is melted to 1/4 to half of the furnace.
Thus it can be seen that the casting of silicon carbide should be divided into three important points for use, that is, the process needs, temperature, time, only by controlling these three points can the casting of silicon carbide effectively play a more ideal effect!
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